I see it’s based on the book by Hugh Howey, who also did the Silo series which I really enjoyed the TV adaptation of. I’m wondering if it’s any good as I don’t have a lot of time for starting too many TV shows at the moment.

  • @ThePowerOfGeek
    84 months ago

    It’s pretty good. Not incredibly compelling IMO, but enjoyable enough. I haven’t read the books so I can speak to how it compares to those.

    Good (very small) cast, with Lena Headey and the other main actor do a good job. Dialogue fluctuates between okay and weak. It feels more of a psychological thriller than outright sci-fi (despite the setting), but that’s fine.

    The most recent episode (which provides some historical context to the story) was very contributed plot-wise and had very weak, throwaway characters. It was definitely the worst episode yet.