Hello, Since the Shatteted PD updates of the crystal caves (including beta versions), it seems like the game “lags” as in, seems to skip frames without actually freezing. This happens starting from the 6th level, not before, and stays the rest of the game. The main menu also seems to have the background animations sort of skip the same way but in a less obvious way.

This makes the game a bit annoying to play as sometimes you try to, let’s say, attack, nothing happens so you press again, and suddenly you move where the enemy (who died during the frame skip) previously was, causing a lot of various unintended consequences. The problem shouldn’t be with my phone considering that my system did not change and the game worked perfectly before updating.

Anyone else has this issue?

  • @Osho
    16 months ago

    Yes I experienced similar lagging issues but happens occassionally. Given the beta status this is expected. I am sure Evan knows and will address it with future updates.