• @Madison420
    06 months ago

    That’s a pause to see if the court will take it which they can’t.

    • @TootSweet
      26 months ago

      The U.S. Supreme Court “can’t” take up the case in the same sense as Trump “can’t” incite his base to storm the capital building. But that didn’t stop him.

      And as I’ve said elsewhere in this thread, we’ve got three Trump appointees on the SCOTUS plus a guy whose wife took part in the January 6 rally and endorsed the attack on the capitol.

      I hope you’re right (and I’m not saying there’s a 0% chance it won’t get overturned – not that it’s going to make a difference whether Trump wins the general election in 2024 either way) but I fear we’re living in a world where “can’t” doesn’t necessarily mean “won’t” and where the U.S. Supreme Court may be totally willing to flout the rules.