Wayfair’s CEO has an end-of-year message for employees of the online furniture company: Don’t shy away from doing more work and blending your work with your life.

“Winning requires hard work. I believe that most of us, being ambitious individuals, find fulfillment in the joy of seeing our efforts materialize into tangible results,” CEO Niraj Shah said in a note to employees earlier this month celebrating the company’s recent success, and which a company spokesperson confirmed to CNN. “Working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life, is not anything to shy away from. There is not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success.”

  • @Son_of_dad
    266 months ago

    Winning requires hard work? Since when? The only ones who get rewarded when employees work hard are the executives. Remember people, minimum wage=minimum effort, don’t do more than the bare minimum for your job, because doing more will only fuck you over