I was given some apricot chutney, and it was so delicious I’m inspired to make some myself. I’ve done lactofermented things like hot sauce, kraut and kimchi. So I’m curious to access the Group Mind: What are your lactofermented chutney recipes, and tips for lactofermentation? :-D

  • @RBWells
    6 months ago

    Kvass is what I make with fruit usually, drinks like Tepache. If I put some pineapple chunks in with the peels, those get such a gorgeous flavor, they would make a lovely fermented salsa. Any sturdy fruit you use in a kvass might work as a base. But I’ve found also that ginger bug does work to kick start just about any fruit ferment so if you don’t mind it being gingery that is something to try.

    Cranberries in honey never really fermented for me, just didn’t spoil. Eventually I put them in the refrigerator and just use them like preserves.