I have a huge backlog of free giveaway games, because I have less time for playing than I think I do and because I never know if I’ll be able to play a game or if it’ll be too visually challenging - my username is both literal and relevant.

I finally got around to trying Prey (2017) and, so far, I’m really enjoying it. The visual style is manageable, text is usually large and clear enough, and the “Story” difficulty setting means I can enjoy the game in a way that’s balanced between relaxed and challenging. I’m still always on edge, but I’m not as pushed for my poor aim and lack of situational awareness.

Accessibility aside, I love the BioShock (I’d say System Shock, but I wasn’t playing video games then) vibes. The gameplay, the concept and setting, the aesthetics… it’s all there and I’m here for it. I for one am excited to poke myself with dystopian technology McMuffins in a city consumed by its own hubris.

How are folks here liking the game? Am I late to this particular party? Do any Something Shock players have an opinion to share?