I’d like to do a full disk encryption. I realize I cannot do this since I’ve already installed ubuntu, so I’m fine with doing a fresh reinstall.

The problem is when I get to the step of selecting “wipe entire disk and install ubuntu”, then click on Advanced settings, the option for full disk encryption is greyed out. It is the only option that is greyed out, I am able to select the other three.

What gives here? I’m wiping the disk and installing from a usb so why wouldn’t it allow me to encrypt? The only thing I can think of is I might have some strange setting wrong in the BIOS, but I’m not a computer guy.

  • @Limonene
    7 months ago

    When you get to the “Installation Type” page, try selecting “Something Else” instead.

    Then, go to “Manual Partitioning”. From that point, create a single 1GB partition (unencrypted) for the “/boot” filesystem, and then use the rest of the drive as an encrypted volume. It will ask for a password, and then you will see a new encrypted drive appear. Use that newly created encrypted drive as the “/” filesystem.

    I just recently installed a system this way, and it worked well in Ubuntu. I couldn’t do it in Kubuntu though, I don’t think the Kubuntu installer supports encryption.