Canadian here. Most of our banking is electronic in Canada and I just don’t physical currency much. I mostly stuck with using paper currency in Japan this past summer.

I couldn’t find a quick and easy way to easily convert my coins back to paper yen before the flight home so used up some of my baggage weight allowance with a big sack of Japanese coins. Any tips?

I don’t mind paying a percentage to do it but don’t want to count myself. If there’s a shortage of coins in Japan right now it’s because all your yen are in my luggage.

Banks here used to have machines to do it with Canadian coins but with few people using coins now they all got removed.

Plan B was to pour my 2kg sack-o-yen into a temple donation box and reap the good Karma for years to come.

  • @machinin
    25 months ago

    I heard someone say that the payment machines in 7/11 can work as a coin processor and give you bills back. I’ve never tried it though.