This is the 3rd edition box set that a friend busted out.

We played the intro mission, aptly named Suicide Mission, twice. First with me as the genestealers and then with the roles reversed.

The first game I started with some luckily huge blips and my friend getting unlucky on the command action bonuses.

He had a lot of trouble getting out of the first room and once in the hallway got buried in genestealers from the front. The marines in front all went down defending the vital flamer marine, but in little time he was left alone to be ripped apart by the chittering hoard.

In the reverse where I played as marines, my sergeant in front made heroic headway, cutting apart the alien filth, even when the desperation of the situation left him cut off.

But even his determination was not enough and he was felled. The marine escorting the flamer marine was overwhelmed after his weapon jammed. The flamer marine was killed and the remaining two marines retreated in failure.

Space Hulk is fun, tense, and very easy to pick up. The models in the 3rd edition box are great, and I’ve even gotten permission to borrow and paint them up when my painting schedule is free, which I’m super excited about.

  • @cyrl
    36 months ago

    I really enjoyed the couple games I’ve had of the newer edition. The small changes they made felt quite impactful and that bit more dynamic than the original, though it’s been long enough I don’t recall the details.