• @tallwookie
    10 months ago

    yeah, not sure how unaffordable education gets fixed though… or if it should even get fixed - higher education has historically been for those that could afford it. prior to the interwar years (between WW1 and WW2), very few people actually attended college. over time, college became just one more step in the natural order of things, even if it was not a financially viable decision.

    so here we are, where a large percentage of the population enters themselves into multi-decade debt because it’s expected of them, or because some occupations require significant investment into higher education (even if the person is unqualified to obtain that position - with or without education)

    should the government hand colleges a blank check so people avoid debt? I dont see that passing through Congress. should the government step in and tell private educational systems how much they can charge? I dont see that happening, ever.