WYSK: There funded by dark money PACS, but some good reporting has brought out these names: David Koch, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Mark Cuban, Harlan Crow, and Michael Bloomberg. Some of there members are most famous for stopping big bills. Joe Leiberman, for example, single handedly stopped the single payer portion of the ACA. Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsen Simena kept the John Lewis voting rights act from passing, and famously kept the senate from repealing the filibuster.

  • @catwhowalksbyhimself
    -210 months ago

    Right and left wing are always relative, not absolute. The Democrats might be right wing if transplanted with no changes to another country, but that doesn’t matter. They are left win in comparison to the only other party that matters, so they are left wing.

    It’s always relative.

    • @CannaVet
      210 months ago

      That’s…not how that works at all. They’re to the left of Republicans but that’s akin to saying that Mt Everest’s distance from sea level ain’t shit compared to the moon.

      • @catwhowalksbyhimself
        -110 months ago

        That’s exactly how it works.

        Left and Right are always relative positions, not absolute one. And they are relative not only to each other, but to the polics of the country as a whole.

        Mount Everest’s high IS absolute, so it’s not a valid comparison.

        Left and Right are, like what they are named for, merely directions. They mean nothing without a point to compare them too.

        Right is typical the traditional position, orginally with the king, and left is the reform/change position.

        Which is definitely true of right and left in the US.