I feel like I’ve been gaslit into running FOSS but every success only brings me closer to fighting god

  • Ook the Librarian
    234 months ago

    Day 1: “What is this place?”

    Day 3: “Do you have a moment to hear the wonders of Fdroid?”

      • Ook the Librarian
        4 months ago

        I’ve been a linux user since 2006. But I’m not a computer guy, it was just my OS really. I haven’t done serious computer work it what feels like decades. Two days on Lemmy and I’m thinking selfhosting a smarthome could be for me. Things are so wonderful now.

        PS: Auch mag ich Kühe. Sie sehen wie Landcarten aus.

        Ok, that’s about the most complex sentence I can make. I wish I stuck with learning German.

        • Kühe sind toll
          44 months ago

          It’s called “Landkarten” :) but for the rest this sentence is completely correct.

          I am a Linux user for about 1.5-2 years and I really like doing technical stuff. The next thing I really have to do is figure out how to install Stable diffusion on Arch Linux. That stuff isn’t that straight forward. All guides I found didn’t work.

          • Ook the Librarian
            34 months ago

            German Ks make so much damn sense. Why do I keep screwing them up?

            In this case, it was that “cartographer” is a cognate.