I am currently using EndeavourOS, but am annoyed by the constant daily updates of 1GB and pacman not installing important dependencies automatically (ex: spell checker for document editor). I like the way Fedora works: you update whenever, important dependencies are downloaded automatically, and packages are recent-ish, but I don’t like that it takes forever to run dnf. I don’t want to use Manjaro (apparently it breaks quickly?), and the distro needs to support KDE. I know about Flatpak, but I don’t want to download 1GB of data for each app. Are there any good options?

(Yes, I can probably deal with Fedora, but dnf is slower than apt, and I don’t want to deal with external repositories for non-free software.)

EDIT: I do not want to tweak or edit configuration files, I just need something that has up to date packages and “just works”.

  • @[email protected]
    05 months ago

    That does not explain the dangerous part.

    I would argue, that on Arch I can get a fancy update with a bug even if I only update every week, and I may have to live with it longer if I stick to weekly updates.

    With this logic, it is always dangerous to update Arch, if you don’t look what is coming in. I know, that Arch is not that unstable it used to be. But people seem to warn about Arch updates, still. I wonder how the situation really is. I will never know for my self, because I will not install Arch again, anytime soon.

    And I don’t agree that updating a rolling distro daily is per se dangerous. You can do that with Gentoo if you don’t unmask unstable (~arch) keywords and follow the news provided with eselect. I can even mask stable updates if I am not ready to deal with them yet.

    • @EuroNutellaMan
      5 months ago

      If you update daily you will have a higher chance of running into bugs and shit that can break things due to doing more minor updates. Of course it also depends on how much stuff you got from the AUR.

      With this logic, it is always dangerous to update Arch, if you don’t look what is coming in

      Yes, it is. It’s why I never recommend arch and arch-based things to newbies, and certainly not without that disclaimer. Mind you I found it to still be incredibly stable provided you do the weekly updates.

      Also, frankly, you’re wasting your time , disk space and internet updating every day. Granted not a lot usually but not needed.