Hi everyone, I’m looking for some grindy games to play on the deck (any genre is OK).

Currently playing monster hunter world and I think I’ll give factorio a try.

Any suggestions?

  • @proper
    104 months ago

    really enjoying halls of torment, vampire survivors, project zomboid, and persona 5 on the deck lately. And of course Palworld runs great, very grindy but i’ve been playing it mainly on desktop.

    • FartsWithAnAccent
      74 months ago

      I’ve been meaning to try that one on my deck but if it runs, I’d definitely recommend Palworld

    • @CarbonatedPastaSauce
      54 months ago

      Seconding Halls of Torment. It’s a perfect game for the deck. I spent about 80 hours 100%ing it. There’s your grind! Not bad for 5 bucks.