After almost a year of repeated emails stating the transition from Google Domains will have no effect on customers, no action is required; I just got this email:

Update Dynamic DNS records Hi there, As previously communicated, Squarespace has purchased all domain name registrations and related customer accounts from Google Domains. Customers are in the process of being moved to Squarespace Domains, but before we migrate your domain [redacted] we wanted to inform you that a feature you use, Dynamic DNS (DDNS), will not be supported by Squarespace.

So apparently SquareSpace will be entirely useless to me and I’ve got “as soon as 30 days” to move.

Got any suggestions for good registrars to migrate to?

(it’s a .pw domain if that matters)

/edit. I’m a moron.

I already use cloudflare as my name server, Google/SquareSpace only handles the registration.

I’ll be fine. Thanks for the help everyone!

  • @thantik
    34 months ago

    That’s the best thing about Namecheap for me. I just don’t ever have to deal with them. They just kind of exist in the background, not giving me any shit.