• @Sprokes
    184 months ago

    Didn’t ChatGPT become very bad recently? It used to give really working code but now it gets things wrong and doesn’t follow context. It gives code but when you ask it to improve by give more context, it ignores the previous answer and give wrong code.

    It even sometimes answers by saying it does not have the answer for questions that it answered few months ago.

    • @Evotech
      4 months ago

      Last time I asked a niche api question it showed me how to formulate the question so I could post it on this GitHub issues…


      • @Clent
        204 months ago

        How is that a niche api question? That’s a public api that is scraped up.

        It’s also a terrible way to ask the question. It’s how a clueless newb asks questions. Anyone hoping to help needs to at least know: What are you attempting to use the end point for and What results are you receiving vs expecting?

        • @LemmyRefugee
          124 months ago

          It is a perfect example of why you still need good programmers, that know what/how to ask.

      • @[email protected]
        114 months ago

        That looks like advice on how NOT to ask for technical support on a public forum.

        1. Be generic and vague. Omit as many details as possible, this will only distract from the problem at hand.
        2. remember to include your private API key to share it with the world.
    • @anus
      104 months ago

      The latest update from openai calls this “laziness” and discusses a fix coming

      • @PopShark
        54 months ago

        Whoa really? AI “laziness” is actually a really interesting concept imo

    • @[email protected]
      24 months ago

      I keep telling the stupid thing to stop wasting time and space apologizing, and it won’t.