I’m born in Poland during the communist regimes reign. Back then there was only one tea available: Black Tea.

We mostly drank it with a slice of lemon and some sugar. To this day this is my favourite way of drinking tea.

But I also enjoy what I started calling “Queen Elisabeth Tea” when my daughter asked what it is, same black tea but with milk and sugar. She likes it a lot too.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed Japanese tea, we went to a special tea house and they showed us how to brew it and drink it. It was some special green tea, very delicious!

  • Codex
    34 months ago

    After I learned of chai, I was lost to the world of black tea and spices. Last year I learned how to toast sugar at home, so now masala chai with a little toasted sugar and cream is my favorite indulgent breakfast.

    Since I’ve gotten older though, I drink a lot more rooibos and other caffeine-free herbals later in the day.