The U.K. government has announced its intention to ban the sale of disposable vapes as part of a broader legislative package aimed at curbing an “alarming rise” in youth vaping. The package, introduced on Monday by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, would also allow the government to regulate flavors, as well as how cartridges are packaged and displayed in shops. “You talk to any parent or teacher, they’ll talk to you about the worrying rise in vaping among children,” Sunak told reporters, according to the Associated Press. “Children shouldn’t be vaping, we don’t want them to get addicted. We still don’t understand the full long-term health impacts of vaping. So it is right we take strong action to stamp this out.” The measures, which have yet to be approved by Parliament, could potentially be packaged alongside previously announced legislation to permanently prohibit the sale of tobacco to anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 2009. Sunak’s administration has repeatedly reinforced its commitment “to [bringing] about the first smokefree generation” before the issue becomes “endemic,” as he put it on Monday.

  • @SpookyLegs
    35 months ago

    Leaving nicotine addicted youth to just smoke cigarettes instead.

    Is that really a win?

    • @sep
      45 months ago

      Disclaimer : Not in the uk.
      Addicts can still buy non-disposable vapes. Probably better both economically and envuormentally.
      But getting rid of low barrier to entry disposable vapes in “fun” and colourfull packaging, with good taste. Should reduce recruitment in regular kids.

    • Murderturd
      25 months ago

      That’s certainly a possibility. The substitution effect, but the numbers I looked at showed that vaping is a lot more prevalent in teens compared to smoking. More teens are vaping now than teens smoked in the past. Plus cigarettes are nasty compared to vapes. I think most teens vape because they think it’s cool and it tastes good. You get rid of the flavor and make them smell like tobacco farts I’d imagine you’ll see less usage. Easier to catch a kid smoking a cigarette then it is a vape