I made this bot so that users who want to provide a quick summary of the wikipedia article they linked to in their comment can do so just by including a mention of the bot in their comment, and the bot will reply to the comment with the summary.

Currently multiple wikipedia links are not supported.

bot: https://lemmy.world/u/wikibot

    • @wikibotB
      165 months ago

      Here’s the summary for the wikipedia article you mentioned in your comment:

      Hello Internet is an audio podcast hosted by educational YouTube content creators Brady Haran and CGP Grey. The podcast debuted in 2014 and released 136 numbered episodes and 18 unnumbered episodes until February 2020, when the last episode was published. The podcast is currently indefinitely suspended and inactive. Listeners of the podcast are known as “Tims”. The episodes of the podcast are usually about the interests of the creators and the differences between the hosts’ lifestyles.

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