According to a lawsuit filed by the parents, the baby became stuck during labor and the doctor began pulling.

  • @[email protected]
    25 months ago

    I’m saying that they should have gone to C-Section or episiotomy long before it got to that point. This was already known to be a higher risk delivery, and the first sign of shoulder dystocia or other complication should have been the time to elevate the level of care…not several hours later.

    • @Sterile_Technique
      45 months ago

      I don’t have the expertise or experience to comment on what they should have done - 100% of my experience with OB is c-sections; I’ve just seen how shit can go from bad to haunt-you-for-the-rest-of-your-life in less time than it takes to process and act on wtf just happened in that room.

      Sounds like you do have that experience/expertise, so I’ll take what you’re saying at face value; my only goal here was to caution folks against going straight for the torches and pitchforks considering the high likelyhood of contributing factors that either weren’t reported or are outside of our normal scope of thinking.