Doesn’t using mode just make a lot more sense? You are much more likely to be the mode than you are likely to be average in the mean class

[Originally said average in the title, fixed thanks to jbrains]

  • @fastandcuriousOP
    12 months ago

    This makes the most sense! I’ll add though that over a large data set, i still think mode still gives you a better idea about what you should expect, mean makes more sense if you are talking solely about stats and numbers, and want to make a decision based on a ‘trend’

    • @Nibodhika
      52 months ago

      Not really, it depends on extremes, imagine you have 1001 couples, 400 have 0 kids, 201 have 1 kid, 100 have 2 kids, 100 have 3 kids, 50 have 4, 50 have 5, 30 have 6, 30 have 7, 20 have 8, 20 have 9. The mode is 0, the median is 1, the average is 1.88.

      In this case you get two extremes, a lot of people with 0 kids, and people with lots of kids that move the average up.