• Snot Flickerman
      143 months ago

      People are so shocked that the Democrats have yet again gone with “The Economy is doing great for rich people, which means its doing great for everybody!” The reality on the ground is the economy is only doing good for the rich, and everyone is struggling with higher cost of living and feeling like they’re scraping by on money that used to feel like it was enough to survive on.

      Democrats always lean hard on the “The economy does better under Democrats” like that means fucking anything to the people who work more and more every year for less and less.

      They’ll always lose because they’re too busy trying to capture Republican votes by doing stupid shit like giving Republicans literally everything they want in a bill. We’re supposed to cheer for them because the Republican party is so broken they refused to pass it? The bill was bad, it was beyond bad, and the Democrats should have been fucking ashamed to have put it up for a vote. Instead, we’re supposed to cheer for these milquetoast motherfuckers for handing out wins to the Republicans, who only lose because they’re always infighting, not because the Democrats are fighting the good fight. If Republicans hadn’t been infighting, this racist bullshit fucking border bill would have passed, and we’d have the Democrats to thank.

      It’s no different than giving us “Healthcare Reform” that was based on Mitt fucking Romney’s healthcare plan.

      • 𝕱𝖎𝖗𝖊𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍
        3 months ago

        The DNC is centrist at best. They spend more time placating Republicans and the rich than the working class. Leftists have almost no representation in the US. The closest we got is Bernie and AOC’s crew.

        But our country is so fucked that anything short of “lets exterminate all queer people” is considered left