i never remember any lyrics from a song, i just hear how beautiful the song is. if i force-focus to focus into the lyrics, the song starts to sound boring ;-;

  • shootwhatsmyname
    2 months ago

    Holy crap yes—I just started making music with AI and it’s an absolute black hole. I can finally start to create a certain mood or feeling I’ve wanted to capture in music and I get completely lost on repeat. I have always loved the deep levels of escape that some music nails really well, but now I can almost craft that for myself and it’s wild. I guess sometimes getting lost in the music like that can feel like a bad thing, but other times that huge blurry mess of sound is kind of a nice escape.

    • LuluOP
      12 months ago

      ai music may be fun, but sadly ai everything lacks the heart to them so they never rly spark anything else than just fun or interesting stuff