i never remember any lyrics from a song, i just hear how beautiful the song is. if i force-focus to focus into the lyrics, the song starts to sound boring ;-;

  • @Mango
    12 months ago

    That’s got nothing to do with audio clarity.

    • @Jarix
      2 months ago


      How something is created is deeply tied to the experience we get from it. If a tv is ao shitty it doesnt display yellow correctly, your experience is drastically changed from the experience you would have on a screen that displays things the way they are intended to be displayed.

      Audiophiles go to great effort to recreate the exact experience the recording is meant to be experienced as.

      Which means your tech can be so bad at creating the intended sounds you are supposed to be hearing, you cant have a good enough experience to invoke the emotions the artists work can invoke because the experience is flawed and does not exist the way it should when you are listening to it

      Jesse what the hell are you talking about?