Hi. I’m dedicated to lemmy, the fediverse and a decentralized social media as a public good.

We’re experiencing some growing pains. We will overcome these. I want to share some of my thoughts regarding these pains and hopefully provide some food for though as to solutions, and the solutions’ weaknesses.

  • Defederating is a last resort as we often say. The ability for individual to block instances could be a start to use defederation more moderately.
    • We can even curate defederation lists somewhat how ublock has blocklists. “I really don’t want to deal with any fascists bootlickers, so I follow the antifa defederation list” or “I disagree with many folks who defend China’s actions but maybe I can do some good by engaging in good faith, so I won’t defederate these instances, but that doesn’t mean I won’t block the most egregious users from those instances”

That said, there is a good reason to defederate for example when astroturfing is taking place. that said, when astrotrufing is taking place, there should be something of a funnel effect - outside instance showing a growing trend on certain topics, upvoting certain things en masse? Start to shadowban - not exacctly shadowban but really slow down the functioning of the site for them. Scenario: the agora starts a vote to defederate crushing-heads, a fascist lemmy instance. We begin to see a huge influx of user activity from that instance. Instead of altogether banning their participation, causing them to make sock puppet accounts on this instance, put in a queuing system so interactions with the site from that instance get processed more slowly, somewhat like slow mode on discord.

one thing about fully defederating an instance is that it invites them to create accounts on the instance which has defederated them out of spite. “Oh you don’t want to hear our FREE SPEECH? well we’re going to join your instance and FREE SPEECH ALL OVER YOUR ASSES”

Another thought I’ve had about the future of lemmy is just how easy it would be for state apparatus dividing, discrediting and sowing disunity. It’s been done and they’re not going to stop trying to inflitrate and muddy the discourse. This is why so many leftist instances seem very quick with the ban hammer. I mean, it explains why so many leftist countries maintain an authoritarian propaganda and censorship machine. It’s highly doubtful that’d be necessary if there wasn’t massive propaganda efforts from the outside.

It makes me wonder how Lemmy can work to avoid letting agitators muddy the discourse while still allowing free and open contributions from well intentioned people.

  • @tallwookie
    -18 months ago

    i really like the control that the individual has, at the user level, to block the communities/users they disagree with - defederation is just the next step up from that if an instance has a lot of spam, illegal content, tankies, liberal trash, support of incorrect sexual orientation, etc. it’d be nice if the individual was able to block entire instances, not just specific communities on those instances. I suspect that we will have that control in the near future.

    yeah, there’s avenues for abuse - saw that last night when someone with a clear case of mental instability was spamming on the fediverse community (their post was wild though lol). eventually moderation tools will be developed to defederate individuals from the instance itself (IP block them, etc), but those tools will never be 100% effective.