Example: I take medication and lately caffeine helps with my ADHD so lately every morning I’ve been drinking coffee and tea.

I used to drink sodas but the sugar doesn’t help, so I had to cut back on the sodas I used to drink.

  • @fuckwit_mcbumcrumble
    63 months ago

    I drink caffeine in the morning, but I really need to stay away from it after that. If I drink coffee later on in the day (or just a lot in the morning) then I won’t be able to get good sleep. If I don’t get good sleep them I won’t be able to concentrate.

    Working out also really helps me fall asleep at night. I do some weight lifting during the day at work, and some cardio at night. I also don’t try to force myself to get to sleep, I try to make sure that I will be tired by bed time by burning off any remaining energy during the evening so I’m tired when my alert to start winding down goes off.

    But good sleep is absolutely the key. When I get bad sleep, especially consistently bad sleep I can’t concentrate.

    • Gormadt
      33 months ago

      For me a cup of coffee too late in the day (or too big in the morning) will ruin the whole day for me and likely the following day due to it’s impact on my sleep quality

      But excise is key for me. If I skip working out then I’ll have to much energy left over to actually sleep. But with enough exercise during the day then I’ll fall asleep effortlessly around 10pm sometimes even a bit earlier in my chair at my desk if I’m not careful lol

      And a good night sleep makes the following day so much easier it’s amazing