Example: I take medication and lately caffeine helps with my ADHD so lately every morning I’ve been drinking coffee and tea.

I used to drink sodas but the sugar doesn’t help, so I had to cut back on the sodas I used to drink.

  • @dumpsterlid
    3 months ago

    Honestly, I don’t.

    I mean I survive, but besides the basics of taking care of my body, taking ADHD meds, going to therapy and doing yoga, there is nothing that truly helps me cope with the everyday quality of life disaster that is ADHD. I just survive it.

    If we lived in an easier time I might say I had found things that help me cope and live a higher quality of life, but we live in a time where life is very hard and I have to think of coping mechanisms as more like little rituals I do to try to bring myself up than meaningful answers to the actual challenges I face and fail to meet everyday otherwise the incongruity of scale between the two drives me into complete despair or anger.