Amazon — like SpaceX — is the latest company to claim the U.S. labor board is unconstitutional, after receiving numerous labor complaints from employees::Amazon has accused the National Labor Relations Board of being unconstitutional in a new legal filing, according to a report from The New York Times.

  • @orrk
    34 months ago

    that is not what it was designed to do, I don’t know exactly where that little truism started, but that is bullcrap.

    it started as a way for a privileged, wealthy minority to make decisions on how to run a nation, and it still is doing that to this day. Separation of powers was nothing new when the founding fathers axed the articles of confederation and replaced it with the constitution.

    then again, if you think the US labor board is “individuals amassing too much power” what do you call the significantly smaller group like the speaker of the house/senate, a position the republicans have used for years to act as a veto stronger than the president by just not bringing up legislation?