• @AnalogyAddict
    -204 months ago

    Oh, I’m so hurt by you lashing out in an ignorant personal attack because your feelings are hurt. There, there. Have a cookie and some milk. Don’t you feel better now?

    Option A: Once you’re in control of yourself again, slow down and think through what you said. It’s not very logical. If most people don’t have to work to live, they won’t. And even if what you say is true “the right job for them” is going to leave a whole lot of essential jobs relatively empty. Some of those jobs are hard to fill even with financial incentive.

    Option B: If you can’t control yourself, this conversation is now over.

    • @[email protected]
      114 months ago

      I see you don’t have anything to add except flailing over 4 words out of 140 then doubling down on being a catty little child, and a hearty self-masturbatory “nuh uh.”

      Could just admit you have no counterargument, but either way I’m not obligated to engage with disengenuous tone policing garbage. Bye Felicia.