For the first time in the history of Microsoft, a cyberattack has left hundreds of executive accounts compromised and caused a major user data leak as Microsoft Azure was attacked.

According to Proofpoint, the hackers use the malicious techniques that were discovered in November 2023. It includes credential theft through phishing methods and cloud account takeover (CTO) which helped the hackers gain access to both Microsoft365 applications as well as OfficeHome.

  • Loki
    45 months ago

    This piece reads like it was generated by an LLM from prompts supplied by a twelve year old who knows nothing about cybersecurity. I was really looking forward to reading the article from the headline

    • KidOPM
      15 months ago

      Do you mean the text accompanying the post? That is the first two paragraphs from the article.

      The “better summary” I posted later was actually generated by chatgpt.