There is not a single reason for any human to get access to alcohol to drink.

Edit 1:

Just to add the people who say that banning does not work is like saying banning guns does not work because people is going to find a way to get them or like saying we should not have speed limits because it does not prevent people from speeding. (Their opinions does not make sense to me)

  • @[email protected]OP
    -114 months ago

    Great, how much can you make?

    The way that banning work is by limiting the availability.

    If you are a addict you cannot go to the bar for drink.

    Which means the banning work in your case.

    • @[email protected]
      54 months ago

      banning alcohol only reduced LEGAL AVAILABILITY, people will still be able to make mass quantities of alcohol for sale, these products will almost certainly not be up to standards of local health and safety originations and will result in more harm than if purchased through a legal source.

    • @nottelling
      4 months ago

      Seriously pal, read up on what happened in the US when we tried prohibition. Read up on prison economics. Alcohol is severely restricted in prisons all over he world, and most prisoners have no problems getting alcohol. The only thing that happened when we tried it nationally was we created massive crime rings, and the more of those that shut down, the more popped up.

      How much can I make? I can get 55 gallon drums on Amazon. So 55 gallons, at least. I can fit probably 15 of those in my basement. So that’s 725 gallons at one time. Read up on bathtub gin. I’ve got two bathtubs. They’re probably around 20 gallons each.

      If I was an addict? You literally cannot limit alcohol from people who want it, because it’s very easy to produce in very large quantities with very simple equipment. See also the wAr oN dRuGs and how well that limited access to pretty much every narcotic they attempted to control.

      e: > If you are a addict you cannot go to the bar for drink.

      Lol. Go look up what a speakeasy is. “Illegal” and “unavailable” are two entirely separate and unrelated concepts.

    • @halferect
      14 months ago

      Well when they banned it in the united states you could still go to a bar it was just illegal, they just had to be secret bars, if anything banning it makes it more dangerous since then it’s completely unregulated and you get bad moonshine and you go blind.