There is not a single reason for any human to get access to alcohol to drink.

Edit 1:

Just to add the people who say that banning does not work is like saying banning guns does not work because people is going to find a way to get them or like saying we should not have speed limits because it does not prevent people from speeding. (Their opinions does not make sense to me)

  • @andrewta
    23 months ago

    this is in response to your edit:

    banning things really doesn’t work . sadly you even stated examples in your edit… ban guns? only criminals get guns. ban alcohol… we tried that in the U.S. that failed epically (bad booze and no real way to trace where it came from). ban drugs? yup the drugs still exist and since we outlawed them it makes it very difficult to go to the hospital without fear of being arrested. speeding? it makes most slow down… not really most still speed just hope they don’t get caught. at least when you speed (if there is a police officer nearby and if they spot you and if they spot you in a way that they can give you a ticket) then they can give you a ticket. but at least it slowed down some of the problem. but the alcohol… if it’s banned we have no way to trace where it’s made and there is no regulation or oversight. it’s better to tax the shit out of it and use the money to help educate people.