There is not a single reason for any human to get access to alcohol to drink.

Edit 1:

Just to add the people who say that banning does not work is like saying banning guns does not work because people is going to find a way to get them or like saying we should not have speed limits because it does not prevent people from speeding. (Their opinions does not make sense to me)

  • @shyguyblue
    23 months ago

    I’m a (mostly) teetotaler because of my family history. I can’t think of a single family funeral that I’ve been to that didn’t either end up at the deceased’ favorite bar, or with a trip to the liquor store.

    I still enjoy my boxed wine, but i have to get Merlot, because you (at least I) can’t really chug Merlot.

    Cousin(s): Trip to liquor store, then whichever house had the most room.

    Grandparent(s): Visit their favorite bar, then stumble back to the hotel until sober enough for the 7+ hour drive home…