I want to use my main mail address everywhere, even public places. But I doubt if I can guard myself against spam.

Is there a provider specialized in spam protection? Or at least good at it?

At last, given your experience, should I even do it?

  • @hperrin
    43 months ago

    Ok but you can do this with aliases with any decent email service.

    As far as I know, there’s no email provider that lets you choose to enable sender screening on individual aliases. I also don’t know of any that explicitly do not use the bare address.

    You can kind of achieve the same thing with Sieve scripts and a catch-all address (which is how I developed the prototype), but there is a lot that Port87 does automatically that you’d have to do manually in that system.

    For example, you don’t need to set up a label before you use it with Port87. You can just give out a [email protected] address and it will create the whatever label for you. These labels show up in your “Pending Labels” section. You can then approve them to move them into your regular labels, block them, or just let them expire.

    I wrote this service around this concept, so it’s not like you’re using a regular email system a special way. The system is designed and built to be used this way.