• @[email protected]
    14 months ago

    I agree, the activity isn’t bad unless it is a factor in your unhappiness.

    In my friend’s case, I have watched him use gaming as a distraction from his responsibilities and an outlet for his anxieties. He has actually become a worse gamer because his mental health issues lead him to become obsessed with resource hoarding and endless grinding with no goal in mind. He will die endlessly on the same boss because he won’t use a potion or vary his attack, and this has gotten worse over time.

    So rather than learning, he is simply distracting himself and repeating patterns that don’t help him in life or the game. Unfortunately, he is so defensive about it that it can’t be discussed without an argument, so I have stopped bothering him about it to preserve our friendship.

    It can still be hard to watch though.

    • @TankovayaDiviziya
      24 months ago

      One of my friends is the same. He used to be more outgoing and would invite me to go out often. We used to go on long walks and gym together. In second year of college, he suffered from depression, but it was looking back in hindsight that I deduced he had it without telling us. He was moody and take out his frustrations to people.

      He had improved over time but he never finished college. He lives with his girlfriend and working but spends too much time playing videogames, eating junk foods and gained weight. My friend, like yours, just like to hoard stuff and takes videogames too seriously than one should. My friend doesn’t like going on walks like he used to. He doesn’t like going out much to public spaces as “there are too many people”. He uses the Internet space now to socialise than in real life, not that there is anything wrong with socialising in Internet Overall, I fear that my friend is living an unhealthy lifestyle. I think both of our friends have to change their frame of mind.