I was watching a film yesterday (went in blind) and during the opening credits I saw something along the lines of “Special effects artist for the Creature”. I had no idea the movie was going to have a creature in it before reading that, so when it was eventually revealed later in the film I was kinda annoyed that I knew it was coming. Would have been pretty cool to have it sprung on me out of the blue, because there were no hints during the preceding part of the film that anything supernatural or weird was happening.

It got me thinking about what other films contain spoilers in the opening credits. Do you have any other examples?

  • BruceTwarzen
    44 months ago

    I always wondered why a lot of animes have previews at the end. I’m watching hunter x hunter again, and at the end you’d see part of the next episode, and at the beginning you see part of the last episode. If you wanna speedrun, you can watch the first and last 2 minutes.

    • @Buddahriffic
      24 months ago

      Maybe episode padding. I’ve wondered the same about the flashbacks in some animes. Again, Naruto is bad for this. There’s some scenes that are shown like a dozen times, any time there’s a reference to it. It’s annoying because they respect their audience in some ways that a lot of western media doesn’t (like putting effort into strategy and tactics to avoid “why didn’t they just do x instead?”), but then act like viewers have no memory of what has happened previously (sometimes Naruto has flashbacks from the same episode, even).