The hour of Thomas Eugene Creech’s death has been set, and it is rapidly approaching.

On Wednesday morning Idaho prison officials will ask the 73-year-old if he would like a mild sedative to help calm him before his execution at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution south of Boise. Then, at 10 a.m. local time, they will bring him into the execution chamber and strap him to a padded medical table.

Defense attorneys and the warden will check for any last-minute court orders that would halt the execution of Creech, who is one of the longest-serving death row inmates in the U.S.

Barring any legal stay, volunteers with medical training will insert a catheter into one of Creech’s veins. He’ll be given a chance to say his last words, and a spiritual advisor may pray with him. Then the state will inject a drug intended to kill the man who has been convicted of five murders in three states and is suspected in several more.

    33 months ago

    Do you have any spiritual framework you draw this from? Where did you learn that there are things to which a sentient being can not come back from? I understand we have different perspectives now I’d like to see what our differing principals or values may be that allow us different thoughts.

      • @STOMPYI
        3 months ago

        Lets explore how we got to different places.

        We know things three ways I see. We know how to breath by just “knowing” like a bird knows to make a nest. We know by “experience” like touching a hot stove will burn. We know by “reasoning” such as this other thing cooks and looks hot it will burn me too.

        Your experience of seeing monsters lead you to reason there is no value or redemption. Is this correct Call out if I’m wrong…

        My knowing comes from just knowing which was cultivated through spiritual pursuits amd mediation. I could try and further explain but I’d need to present full Buddhist perspective.

        Very different knowledge we have. It would be hard to talk on this issue, none of my spiritual explanations couldn’t find soil in your non spiritual framework and I’ve not experienced monsters like you and hence lack experience to relate well.

        • @jordanlund
          13 months ago

          Not experiencing monsters is a GOOD thing. It’s inherently good that you have a more innocent perspective than I do. Please don’t lose that. :)