• Poggervania
    34 months ago

    Is there a future where AI could probably code itself? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I highly doubt even then you would completely wipe out coding as a field because I am pretty sure you would need people who knew how to code to update new syntax and logic for the AIs. Not to mention, I don’t see a chance in hell that CEOs would actually be fine with not controlling how an AI codes and develops, and would have a human eye on it to ensure it’s doing what they want.

    But maybe AI could legitimately replace CEOs since it’s already geared towards disseminating large datasets - just give it the ability to determine the day-to-day operations for the company based on numbers.

    • AwkwardLookMonkeyPuppet
      14 months ago

      Google laid off most of its AI engineers 1-2 years ago because they taught AI to code AI. So the future is now, old man!

    • Is there a future where AI could probably code itself?

      If we actually achieve AI that understands what it is doing, then absolutely yes. And then, the gloves come off. They’ll make improvements to make themselves smarter, and it’ll cascade until they get to a point where they look at us and wonder if we are intelligent by their higher standards.

      However, mark my words: most CEOs and other senior execs could be replaced if not today, then in tye near future by today’s ML - and well before programmers can be replaced. I believe this is going to be a surprising and sharp lesson for them, because any board that recognizes an AI can give them similar ROI without the high cost and golden parachutes won’t hesitate to replace the C-suite. It’s more cost effective to ditch Bezos and keep several hundred developers than the other way around. All it’ll take is one high-profile case, and it’ll start a cascade. If I were a senior exec, I’d be sweating about the near-to-mid future of my career right now.