• @masquenox
    -14 months ago

    I love Cody and Katy, but this inane pandering to libcon “bothside-ism” hysterics need to stop.

    No, there is absolutely zero reason to “condemn” Hamas for taking offensive action against a white supremacist settler-colonialist state that poses a clear and present threat to every Palestinian existing on colonized and occupied land and have actively done so since 1948.

    None. Nada. Zilch.

    Hamas was thoroughly justified in taking offensive action against this white supremacist state - it’s not their fault that their planning didn’t take into consideration white supremacists feeling so perfectly safe and immune in their little white supremacist state that they literally organized a music festival within easy walking distance of the walls of the world’s largest open-air prison that only exists thanks to said white supremacist state.

    Fuck this pandering to white supremacist hysteria. People talking about this needs to start growing a damn backbone.