• @AllonzeeLV
    3 months ago

    As George Orwell fully understood about so many of humanity’s crimes against humanity, branding is the key.

    Even the Nazis didn’t refer to it casually as genocide. It was just a solution that happened to be final, and who doesn’t like lasting solutions? Bibi’s bullshit spewing mouth would have fit right in during those Nazi branding meetings.

    George Carlin talking about the softening, intentional obfuscation of language comes to mind: https://youtu.be/h67k9eEw9AY?si=rGkK8TFE59WC83Ml

    (side note on a tangent, a stenographer transcript of the Nazis having one of their most consequential meetings on this subject SURVIVED, and HBO, rip, made an excellent movie called Conspiracy (2001) that played out the cold monstrousness of that meeting. Worth a watch. Lots of big actors involved. Absolutely chilling from beginning to end.)