• @taanegl
    3 months ago

    Eh, okay. So the UN panel failed sociology. Great.

    Fact is in modern times we’ve rolled cultural genocide into the definition of genocide, because even though you’re negating a body count, ultimately the results are the same.

    So if you destroy someone’s culture, language, heritage, things like world heritage sites, Mosques and churches, that’s tantamount to attempting cultural genocide.

    But, then again, by UN’s meager definitions, a total genocide has to happen before they act at all.


    Guess I need a vacation. Maybe I’ll look up hotels in Rwanda.

    • @blahsay
      53 months ago

      Lol the Chinese probably don’t like that cultural genocide one.

      I looked up the last few UN genocides and it looks like they range from anywhere from 2% of a population to 66% of a population (holocaust).