When texting people in general I find it frustrating that people don’t seem to view it as a conversation. If someone texts me and I catch it and text back right away, I get frustrated when people don’t return the favor. They might text back 5, 10, minutes or an hour or more later. Why did you text me if you didn’t want to have a conversation? Why am I the one sitting here waiting for a response?

It’s like someone sitting down across from at a table and asking you “Hey, how ya doin?” You respond “Great! what’s up?” and they just sit there for 10 minutes not saying anything.

Might be the whisper of ASD in my ADHD contributing to not understanding how this social interaction actually works vs how I think it should work.

Anyone else have this grinding their gears?

E: apparently it’s just me!

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

  • AFK BRB Chocolate
    203 months ago

    My wife and I have a hierarchy:

    • If you want a response right away, call
    • If you want a response as soon as they’re not busy, text
    • If you don’t care when you get a response, email

    In addition, we use email when we have longer, more involved things to say, and texts to send a quick “I love you” or whatever.