• @michaelmrose
    153 months ago

    if you use an exploit to gain SU what makes you think a malicious app can’t do the same

    They can. 99% of computer security is still not installing malware or being tricked into taking actions that enable your own harm. That said often rooting methods involve physically pressing keys while booting to access the boot loader, ADB, running things with with expansive permissions. Malicious apps install via play store with reasonable permissions will generally have a much harder time breaking out of the sandbox.

    Or better yet, find a new exploit in the SU management software you installed

    Historically “sudo” tools haven’t been the source of many issues whereas a multitude of problems flowed from complex memory unsafe code.

    As soon as you root, you can no longer guarantee root activities are not taking place unbeknownst to you

    You can never guarantee this however if you are careful what you install you will remain safe same as it was before.