20 minutes of trailers and 10 minutes of AMC puff pieces including the Nicole Kidman OMG Cinema commercials.

Earlier today I went to an AMC IMAX theater to watch Dune Part 2 (spoiler free review, a great film), and instead of the film starting at the scheduled time we have to duck around for 30 min before the film starts (which even then isn’t true since we get two 30 second studio logos).

I’m so happy that most theaters I go to are smaller with usually only a preview or two.

But for AMC, fuck you.

  • @[email protected]
    95 months ago

    I stopped going to movies after covid, but i was at one movie whereca fight broke out in that exact scinario. A group showed up right as the previews were ending to find other people had taken their seats. Its escalated where the girls were physically fighting and the manager had to break them up.

    AMC restarted the movie and gave everyone a free ticket to another movie after this 2 girls were escorted out.

    • @MimicJarOP
      54 months ago

      I’ll take random throw downs over a Twister reboot trailer.

    • FlashMobOfOne
      24 months ago

      I generally only go to matinees when I go, so if someone’s in my seat it’s no big deal to just take another one, thankfully.