• @steeznson
    53 months ago

    I guess in my country the candidate tends to campaign by themselves, maybe their spouse might show up on occasion but they don’t say much. The US model where the family get wheeled out to make zingers is strange.

    Agree that all of them are nepo babies btw.

    • @beetus
      3 months ago

      Not suggesting our system is correct or even good, but have you considered who a person counts as their most trusted advisors? Usually ones immediate family are very important to them and often helps guide their opinions on life.

      So when it comes to the president or leader of a country, I think it’s actually a bit nice to see the family, because they will absolutely be involved somehow. Knowing if the family is stable or not in public appearances is fairly valuable to understanding the proposed leader.

      • @Crashumbc
        43 months ago

        How young are you? Until Trump children were NEVER involved in the presidency except for photo ops occasionally. Or when paparazzi dragged them into it.

        And the ONLY reason Hunter Biden is there is because of a GOP hit squad trying to get at his father.