• @TengoDosVacas
    53 months ago

    Democrats have made it a point to block or stifle any leftist candidates and progressive ideals. They constantly capitulate to the right while telling the left (i.e. Eisenhower Republicans) to fuck off. Adam Schiff’s bid to block Katie Porter from a Senate seat is the most recent example of this. They were stunned when Hillary lost to Obama, and furious when Biden was challenged by Sanders. They have ALWAYS backed conservative candidates over even centrist ones, and only propose popular bills when they know they can’t pass them. There will never be a challenge to Citizens United because they benefit directly from it, and the SCOTUS gives them an excuse to never challenge. They refused to codify Roe when they KNEW it would be overturned because they still think it’s a cash cow. They will give every excuse imaginable for inaction but never a plan for action.