Let’s imagine it’s currently Wednesday the 1st. Does “next Saturday” mean Saturday the 4th (the next Saturday to occur) or Saturday the 11th (the Saturday of next week)?

  • @Mr_Dr_Oink
    03 months ago

    Thinking about it. Couldn’t it be argued that its actually quite efficient?

    You have lots of words that have multiple meanings and the difference is i the context, the tone, and the words used in conjunction with them. For example.


    It can be an insult, a proposition, an exclaimation of pain, a state of repair etc. And all these things and the rest can be expressed with that one word.

    Theres more just like it but just as an example.

    • Executive Chimp
      13 months ago

      Why say many words when few work? Or whatever the Office quote is.

      It would be efficient if (when) the meaning was adequately conveyed. If the usage necessitates a back-and-forth then that is inefficient.

      • @Mr_Dr_Oink
        3 months ago

        I dont understand. My example is perfectly described by your point. One word that has many uses where context implies meaning.