• @mashbooq
    164 months ago

    This is a problem I keep running into when advocating for Palestine: I try to amplify relevant voices only to find them using their platform to spread delusional conspiracy theories against the Jewish people (or, increasingly, against Ukraine). It doesn’t change the horrors being committed against Palestine, but it does make it hard to find someone I’d want to be in power to make changes.

    • @HappycamperNZ
      54 months ago

      Don’t worry, the opposite side has similar issues where calling for accuracy in reporting, open discussion and analysis of what (both sides) are doing and have done is just met with zoinist or Semitic (been called both) or justification for war crime, or other completely uneducated input and bias.

      Keep advocating for what you believe in, use facts and quality sources, hold everyone to quality, accuracy and accountability.