Why do you find yourself opting for btop or htop instead of top? What advantages do these tools offer that make them superior to top in your opinion?

top has served me well, so I’m unsure why I would want to burden my system with the addition of htop or btop. With top, if you wish to terminate a process, simply press ‘k’ and send the signal; it’s that simple. If you’d like to identify the origin of a process, just include the command column.

I often find myself intrigued when encountering comments on posts expressing love for htop/btop. To me, it appears unnecessary or BLOATED!! Please do share your perspectives and help broaden my Linux knowledgebase.

  • @Tekkip20
    25 months ago

    I am a chad htop enjoyer, I find btop and other alternatives too much on the eyes for me personally and HTOP has enough info for me to take a look at in terms of system resources.

    Either that or I just use the regular gnome GUI system monitor lol