• Binzy_Boi
    203 months ago

    The Quebec injunction makes sense. Not equating the two by any means, but I remember when they started setting a mandatory distance for protests at abortion providers and that made sense seeing how people should feel safe when accessing places.

    Protesting at synagogues is incredibly stupid and accomplishes nothing other than create resentment against those protesting for the rights of Palestinians. My only issue with the article is that it doesn’t mention what specific antisemitic phrases were said, cause I know there’s this thing going around of people equating protestors saying “from the river to the sea” and their intentions with the phrase with the intentions of Hamas when they say they phrase.

    • @WarlockLawyer
      133 months ago

      A synagogue sure have a distance but it says “a synagogue and a Jewish organization.” What kind of organization? Is it related to ones hosting actions tied to illegal acts in the West Bank? Are they hosting members of the IOF during an on going genocide?